Idea Pool: Inspirations for Early-Stage Local Innovation Projects

The ImpactLabs community facilitates the development of locally-targeted solutions by emerging innovators. Members can start or join projects, via our Projects page, to solve problems in various areas using technology. If you’re an innovator looking for inspiration, here is a list of ideas that leverage software and hardware technology to develop community-driven innovations that solve […]

Nine (9) ways local innovators can benefit from networking and collaboration

As a local innovator, it’s important to build relationships and connections with others in your field and to leverage the expertise and resources of others to advance your work. Networking and collaboration can help you to find new opportunities and insights, access a broader range of expertise and resources, and find new perspectives and approaches. […]

Ten (10) skills that local innovators need to create impactful solutions

As a local innovator, it’s important to have the skills and knowledge necessary to identify and address issues and challenges effectively, generate and evaluate ideas, communicate and collaborate with others, lead and manage projects, use relevant tools and technologies, to manage financial resources, and to start and grow businesses or ventures. These skills can help […]

How can emerging local innovators benefit from ImpactLabs’ platform? (20 ways)

20 types of local innovators, and they could benefit from ImpactLabs’ knowledge and community infrastructure for emerging innovators. By participating in ImpactLabs’ knowledge-sharing and community platform, local innovators can access a wealth of resources, expertise, and support to help them to succeed in their work. They can learn from the experiences and insights of others, […]