Test your creativity with ImpactLabs lessons using DIY science methods

ImpactLabs is an community-driven initiative that inspires innovation from the Africa through a hands-on approach to learning and creativity.

Corn sheller

This lesson describes a very cheap device developed for low-income farmers to shell their dried corn/maize crops a lot faster compared to merely using their fingers. There are two methods to develop the device: thin-metal working or 3D-printing.


The objective of this module is to build a simple solar powered device that can be used to recover fresh water from a salt water solution. You will build this using commonly available materials.

Clean-burning charcoal

Breathing-in smoke from burning wood, agricultural residues and conventional charcoals causes more than 1.5million deaths every year. How can you make fuel that burns cleanly and efficiently? This lesson introduces a way to make clean-burning, long-lasting charcoal from agricultural waste.

Bag biogas digester

We'll discuss how to build a complete biodigester system. This module demonstrates how to build the most important parts. [Adapted from Larissa Kunz, Delphine Kaiser, Sisi Ni and Angela Hojnacki's D-lab Energy 2013 module]

Solar water heater

A way to heat water for home use. You will apply concepts in heat convection and radiation in understanding and improving the design. The sun heats up water in a system of pipes. The hot water circulates in such a way that the lighter heated part flows to the top of the tank and can be used for, say bathing.