In 2014, ImpactLabs Global organized a summer workshops in the University of Lagos, Nigeria

The objective of this project is to provide hands on engineering design and energy education to Nigerian students through real-life technology implementation projects. These projects will address specific energy and water needs in Lagos. The program is scheduled for August 18th to 29th 2014 at the Computer Hardware Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos.

During the workshop, the students will learn the basics of low-cost energy and water purification techniques using locally available materials while challenging participants to develop their own solutions to problems that they identify during the program.

Through this program, we aimed to:
– Create awareness and show participants how to identify needs in rural communities that can be solved by relatively simple technologies
– Teach participants the fundamentals of basic energy conversion and the function of selected devices
– Guide participants through a hands-on program that will involve the design, prototyping and testing of specific devices, as well as the incorporation user feedback to design iteration
– Provide participants with resources that would aid accomplishing the above listed objectives
The long-term goal of ImpactLabs is to create a sustainable local innovation space to foster the creative and scientific talents of Nigerian youths in the hopes of replicating the success of initiatives such as the D-Lab at MIT.

We are grateful to the sponsors/partners of ImpactLabs Nigeria 2014: