We combine rigorous scientific and engineering knowledge with hands-on experience

Formed in 2014 to bring MIT's hands-on approach to learning back to our home continent

At MIT, the motto “Mens et Manus,” or “Mind and Hand” is central to the work of students, as we combine rigorous scientific and engineering knowledge with hands-on experience. Formed in 2014, our team was inspired to broaden this type of learning back to our home continent. Through ImpactLabs, we created a program which identifies areas of need in target communities and works with students to come up with engineering solutions. Students learned how to construct multiple devices, hear from entrepreneurial speakers from around the country, as well as receive mentorship from fellow participants, instructors, and partners. Our programs were free-of-charge due to the kind support of our partners.

Today, we are transitioning to building a knowledge community for emerging innovators

ImpactLabs is transitioning to a platform-based model to implement more systematic and scalable processes for delivering knowledge and community services to emerging local innovators. Our innovator community seeks to catalyze local impact by accelerating community-driven innovation worldwide.

To learn more about us, read the full account of ImpactLabs’ legacy, present, and future here.