Features of MWM
Create, motivate, innovate.

MakeWeMake's major features:

Collaborative spaces

For learning and working with 3D printing, electronics, wood, plastic, and metal work for users of all ages.

Small scale manufacturing

Through support for classes and projects at local tertiary institutions, as well as product design and development for startups and local businesses.


Curriculum focused on user-centered low-cost design and engineering. MWM will host the ImpactLabs Workshops and continue to teach secondary and university students skills such as low-cost engineering, and demonstrate how to apply such skills to their local communities.

At MWM, we will have:

   OPEN HOURS: Times when the facility is open to its members/public for fabrication, experimentation, or fixing one’s bicycle.
   MEETUPS: Informal seminars on topics of general interest.
   CHALLENGES: Organized competition or hackerthon on various topics.
   EDUCATION: Using makerspaces as the vehicle for advanced educational strategies, i.e. learn by doing.

All activities at MWM will be community driven.

We scoured the internet for a video that closely mirrors our vision for MWM. Here is what we found: